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Fresh Seafood From All Over The World.

We know each one of our suppliers, and they know us. We've traveled around the globe to where they fish or farm, whether it's Alaska, the Great Lakes, Canada, Europe or any place in between. During our visits, we verify their ability to meet our high standards for quality and freshness. We examine their fishing or aquaculture practices to be certain they're aligned with our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. And, we eliminate fish fraud by confirming their harvest and their capacity will meet our requirements.

Creating trusted, personal relationships with the world's best fishermen, fisherwomen and fish farmers is essential to our success. It allows us to maintain the integrity of the seafood we provide, and if availability of a certain product is tight, we're their priority.

Through these respected partnerships, we support one another in achieving the same goal. Working together, we bring the freshest seafood from the water's depths to the Midwest.

Our Global Partners Can Be Found In: